November 3, 2010

Day Six – The Battlefields

On this day we had more somber history to explore. We started out driving through the beautiful, flower filled Forres with its incredible, community built and maintained gardens. We always hear how in the UK people are mad for gardens – but this town is amazing! Here’s one of the amazing flower pictures:

Beautiful Floral Peacock in the gardens at Forres
David also took us to one of those off the beaten path, locals know but tour buses don’t places. I’d show you a picture, but I’d rather let you see it yourself!

From there we went on to Culloden Battlefield. There is a new and fantastic visitors’ center there which really presents the entire event in an understandable way, even for those who know nothing about it. It is multimedia and prepares you to see the field as a battlefield – even as you walk on it now. Before we went there, I thought I knew the history, but I learned so much more and it made so many other bits of history make more sense!

But as moving as Culloden is, we still had more to see – perhaps much more! We drove along the shore of Loch Ness – mysterious, moody, enchanting…enchanted? We all looked but no glimpse of Nessie on this trip! We arrived at Urquhart Castle on the western shore of the Loch. We followed David’s excellent directions on arrival and had a marvelous time (and some really good soup!).Urquhart is another place with a very interesting history and we got to see the remnants of that – as well as the setting for a tune we would share later. But this view gives you an idea of the scale.

After Urquhart, we meandered back to the Dowans via a quaint and scenic area where we had a little photographic fun before heading back to learn a lovely tune before enjoying another incredible meal. Then on to rest before the next adventure filled day!

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