August 18, 2010

Harpy Campers!

I am on my way to Southeastern Pennsylvania to work with some amazing people at Harp Camp 2010.  This is the 15th year for Harp Camp.  Fifteen years is a long time and I am so honored and pleased to be invited to teach again this year!  I have a soft spot in my heart for Harp Camp because it is where it all began for me - this is where I began to become a harper.  So, I am especially delighted to be there as a teacher - being given the amazing opportunity to share some of my love affair with the harp with some incredible students.

And I'm grateful to be teaching with Kris Snyder who was there at the beginning and has had been a presence in my development as a harper.   Marianna Nystrom and Lucy Stevens will be presenting as well.  We will have some incredible teaching sessions as well as the usual fun that comes from learning together.  Good students, great topics, excellent teachers - it will be fantastic!

I wish all of you could join us!  I know you would learn a lot and I would learn a great deal from you.  Maybe you'll be with us next year?  Let me know if you're interested and I'm happy to give you more information than you thought possible!

And next week, I'll share the outcomes with you.  This week, learn something new, share it with someone else - and enjoy being a Harpy Camper!

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