June 9, 2010

The excitement is growing palpable as we move closer to September and the Harp in the Highlands and Islands Tour.  September is rapidly approaching but not fast enough for me! I was disappointed that the spring tour was incomplete due to technical issues but we leave on the autumn trip on 6th September with a  full complement.  We'll be spending an entire week - eight days and seven nights -  on a customized tour of the Scottish Highlands and Islands seeing some of the places you’ve played about and learning tunes along the way!

As described in previous posts, this tour will go through some of the most beautiful scenery to be seen anywhere and includes the Isle of Skye, the western Highlands, the Spey valley and Cairngorm Mountains. Each day we will learn a tune or add to our harp lore. Our travelers will be great fun with broad diversity - some brand new to the harp and others further along on their musical journeys.  I'm certain they will all enjoy this trip. And their travel logistics are greatly improved and simplified with a lovely small harp awaiting them in Scotland.  We can all travel with light hearts, without fear of the airlines careless handling of our sweet investments.

This intimate tour will consist of four travelers. This very small group size allows flexibility so each day David can show us the very best Scotland has to offer as well as those special things that can’t be planned. Along the way I’ll share tunes that match our travels, experiences, and mood (to learn more about David and me, see the earlier posts and check out the website).
We leave in just three months.  We will post while we are there - I can't wait to share our trip with you! 

I'm sorry if you're not one of the lucky few who are joining us this year.  If you become enchanted (or just plain envious) while you read our posts, never fear.  We are planning on making the trip again next year - so you could join us then and see breathtaking Scotland over the arm of your own small harp! Just let me know - drop me a comment here or send me an email. I am so looking forward to sharing this incredible opportunity with you! For details and more information go to http://www.jeniuscreations.com/Harp_Tours_of_Scotland.php.

Until then, keep practicing, consider which are your favorite tunes and join us next year to learn more!  And I'll keep posting tidbits here - just to contribute to your harp development.

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