May 12, 2010

Drink it in!

I’ve talked about how everything impacts your harping. How we need to be open to all the things that help us become better harp players, more suited to the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of being harpers. So, here’s another in the physical column. And I know you’ve heard it before: drink your water!

But why do you need to stay hydrated to improve your harp playing? Well, the Mayo clinic tells us that the body is about 60% water, and we lose water through a number of bodily functions and not just the obvious one – you also lose water through breathing and sweating. So, it is essential to help replenish the water you’ve lost through going about your day.

But also, dehydration affects your brain. While severe dehydration may result in confusion or lethargy, milder dehydration can leave you with headaches, moodiness, tiredness and confusion. None of these will help you learn, practice or perform well at your harp or frankly, anywhere.

So, be certain, especially before you practice or perform, the stay hydrated – drink you water, it’s the easiest way to get water into your system!

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