December 16, 2009

Did you take the gig?

Some of us make a living, or part of our living by playing the harp for money, as often as possible. 

But many of us are perfectly happy playing in our living room, very quietly, when everyone else is at school or at work or asleep.  Now, I'm not saying that you must be out performing, but...

What is holding you back? 

Do you spend a great deal of your practice time (or other time for that matter) telling yourself you're not good enough to perform for others?  Do you tell yourself that you're not any good at playing "that thing"?  That you'll never get good enough?  That you shouldn't even bother trying to get better or even practicing?

We all provide a running critique of our performance of all our activities, but for some reason, many people let that critique hold them back from the things they love.  Are you one of them? 

Do you believe all the movie reviews you read?  I didn't think so,  So why do you listen to your inner critic?  Why not listen to your familiy members, your teacher, your friends, who all tell you that you play well and they enjoy listening to you?

You practice, you learn, you spend time with your harp...why wouldn't you be good? (Now, if you're one of those people who really doesn't practice, spend the time and then go on with the rest of this post!) 

Before the resolution season gets kicked off, vow to yourself to bend your comfort level just a bit - share your gift, your talent, your hard work.  Remember that audiences are very receptive - they appreciate that they couldn't get up there and do that - but YOU CAN!

Start by playing somewhere new - play for your family on Christmas day.  Take your harp out somewhere like a park and share with passers by - just share your harp with others - play your favorite tunes or  improvise.  Its not Carnegie Hall, but we don't all want to play there.  Try it - you'll be glad you did...and so will the people you share with!

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