May 24, 2017

Harpa wraps up for 2017

Tomorrow is the final day of the Harpa's trip for 2017.  We have had a great time, played in some incredible places, made new friends, laughed and just enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We are so fortunate to have had the experience of playing for great causes in out four concerts...and a pop-up rehearsal in which we raised money for an additional charity.

We captured a lot of the fun on a facebook page  @Harpaniks. We have loads of pictures to share.

We'll start planning our next trip soon.  Can't wait for it?  We'll be posting more information soon on the next Harp the Highlands and Islands trip soon.

May 18, 2017

Harpa's Third Concert

All the Harpaniks are having a great time!  We've been to St. Andrews and Glen Coe and Skye.  Loads of photos on our facebook page so give them a look!

We are also excited that our first concert at Dumfries House was super!  We had a great time meeting and playing with Meredith McCrindle, the Harpist in Residence.  There was a full house and the event raised money for The Prince's Trust.

We are preparing for our second concert as I write this and we are so looking forward to playing!  But quickly after that we will play our third concert at Gatehouse on Fleet - 21st May at The Mill on the Fleet in Gatehouse on Fleet. It promises to be a total revelry! We will be sharing the stage with the Dumfries and Galloway Branch of the Clarsach Society and we are so looking forward to meeting them and playing with our harp brethren in such an amazing facility. The Mill is a very interesting venue, a cotton spinning mill built in 1788. It had a water wheel used to drive the machinery. The mill changed over time as industry changed around it and in the 1980s the mill was restored by Dumfries and Galloway Council and later opened to the public. It has an exhibit, a bookshop (yea!) and we also hear they have a lovely café on site! Hope you can join us there – it’s in the middle of everything!

May 10, 2017

Harpa's Second Concert

Our second concert Harpa concert will be at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Alloway.  This museum is part of the National Trust for Scotland and consists of six sites within the city including the Burns Cottage, the Monument and Gardens, the Poet’s Path, the Museum, as well as the Alloway Auld Kirk and the Brig o’Doon (should we look for Meg’s tail?). 

It will be exciting to perform in the place that so inspired one of the world’s best known poets! There is also an interactive website so you can prepare for our visit right alongside us.  The website highlights an excellent collection of items and writings - we are so looking forward to visiting and sharing our music there! 

We'll be there Friday, 19th May - hope if you're in the area you'll come out and meet us (and learn more about Robert Burns!).

We will start our trip tomorrow so our next few posts will be from there including what we're up to and we'll let you in on the fun! You can also watch our progress and travels on our facebook page.

May 3, 2017

Harpa News

We are all pretty excited, preparing to go on our vaca to Scotland – with a great group and our harps! 

In Harpa tradition, we’re going to be playing concerts along the way.  Each one will be somewhere interesting AND all the money will go to a charity of choice of each venue.

Our first concert will be at Dumfries House - one of Britain’s most beautiful stately homes. It has an interesting history, not least because of its recent restoration.  There is also a collection of Chippendale pieces that is notably large. We are scheduled to play 16th May. 
The property is incredible – 2000 acres and an immense house as well as an arboretum, gardens and walks, all in Ayrshire – a beautiful place. 

We know you can’t all be with us, but check out the Dumfries House website and facebook page – maybe you’ll see us there!

April 26, 2017

It wouldn’t be summer without OSAS!

The summer really gets started with the Ohio Scottish Arts School or OSAS, presented by the Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio at Oberlin College in Oberlin, OH.  Each summer, for one week, the residents of this small college town get the joy of nearly continuous harp music (as well as pipe, fiddle, and dance music with drumming too!).

This year marks the 39th OSAS and it will be held June 24-30, 2017.  Really enhance the experience and kick off with participation in the Ohio Scottish Games the 23rd in Wellington, OH.

Coming to OSAS can be nearly a pilgrimage with some participants returning annually!  The days are filled with learning tunes from stellar instructors in the aural tradition, lectures from those same instructors on other related and fascinating topics, and a little processing time to relax or practice. It’s harpharpharp!  The evenings are filled with fun with the others jamming and sharing tunes we’ve learned, enjoying the evening air, snacks, and each evening also has a special event – the Instructor Concert, the Variety Show, every night, something wonderfully different and all OSAS.

If you’ve been to OSAS before, you’re calculating how you’re going to get there this summer.  If you’ve never been to OSAS before – you cannot conceive how much you are going to learn, how much fun you’re going to have, how much you are going to bore your non-OSAS friends with stories when you get home – for months!  You will laugh, you will work hard, you will have a great time, and you’ll start counting down to your next OSAS experience the day you get home. 

For all the details go to  

Photos shamelessly stolen off the OSAS website - I'm always having too much fun to stop and take pictures!